Book Ten 2013, Rayuela

P1020844Couldn’t be happier to arrive in this year first milestone.
The 10th book of the year!
This honors fell to the master-piece by argentinian writter Julio Cortázar, Rayuela.
The story chronicles the life of Horacio Oliveira which mainly centers in two periods of his life.
The first being when he lives in Paris, apparently he goes there to study but never does, where he forms a group of rag-tag bohemians known as ” El Club de la Serpiente” and haves torrid love affair with “La Maga”, event that deeply scars him, that even when he returns to Buenos Aires her ghost keeps haunting him.
The second period he goes back to Buenos Aires and reunites with a old friend, Traveller. He embraks in a couple of odd jobs in a circus and as an night orderly in a mental hospital. All of this while having visions of Talita, Traveller’s wife, as she was her long lost “Maga”.
The innovative form of a non linear way to read the book, gives the reader, control over how to enjoy this master-piece.
A must-read for anyone who enjoys latin american literature.
This puts me right on schedule with my goal, so on to the next book, No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy.
So that’s 6,512 pages down,  43,230 pages to go.
Total Pages 118,092 pages

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