9 days

Yesterday’s reading was pretty decent, almost hit the 300-page mark, just 6 pages under, and now the clock of the “end of the year reading marathon ” has 104 hours left.

On the 10,000-page December front, I still have 6,374 pages left, this gargantuan number doesn’t get me discouraged, somehow I’ll find a way to do it.

There are two things that encourage me, the first, I’m pretty sure that the 30,000-page mark for the year has been passed, if so, there’s a numbers post coming up later on the day, and the second is that I started a new book, Star Wars: Dark Nest, and read almost 150 pages in less than 2 hours, always a good sign.

I’ll draw up some numbers to see my overall progress, and spend the rest of the day chipping away at the clock and pages.

Off to read.


10 days

The stakes are getting higher, and with only 10 days left, it’s time to close-out this year with a bang.

I still have 108 hours left on the “end of the year reading marathon ” , and 6,671 pages on the 10,000-page December, not easy tasks but with some clever planning, is within reach.

Today, I’ll finally start my Star Wars days, to start off the festivities the first item is the Dark Nest trilogy, which takes place around 35 year after the Battle of Yavin.

Off to read.


11 days

I start off the new week with a lot of challenges ahead of me, including a turkey at the end of week. I’m determined to finish the two challenges even if this means some late nights.

There’s still 111 hours to go in “end of the year reading marathon “, and 6,871 pages on the 10,000-page December.

What’s install for today, mainly finish Servant of the Bones, currently on page 247 of 387, and trying to fatten up my page total with some comic books.

The other thing that I’m excited about for this week is a couple of surprises from some dormant sections of my blog.

Off to read.


12 days

Yesterday was an amazing one for my reading, I sum up 541 pages, and finish three graphic novels, Berserk Desencadenado by the amazingly talented Jeff Lemire, Conan: La batalla de la corona serpiente, the Cimmerian crosses over to the Marvel Universe, and Ghost in the Shell Vol. 2, pretty fun, but not as good as its predecessor.

There’s still 7,073 pages left on my 10,000-page December, and just little under 114 hours of “end of the year reading marathon”.

With just 13 days to go on the year, this will be down to the wire, but as with all things in life, just have to jump into the river and see where the flow takes you.

I’ll try to finish Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones, currently on page 188 of 387, three single issues from the current Conan run (see pictures below), and whatever else the day presents.

Now for my next choice of the upcoming Star Wars days, I’m torn between three books, The Dark Nest trilogy, which is now part of the Legends or non-canon Star Wars Stories, Última oportunidad, following our favorite scoundrel in his formative years, and lastly, the beginning of the tales of the golden time of the Republic with Light of the Jedi. I’ll let the fates decide.

Off to read.


13 days

Yesterday was crazy busy, with the holidays just around the corner, my day was spent running errands, doing some yardwork, and finding some presents for the kids.

With all of this, I could only read a total of 52 pages, not quite the big chunk but better than zero. Luckily, my reading today has picked up the slack from past days, it’s only 8:00 a.m. and my total is already 84 pages.

With hope that this weekend is relatively quiet, my goal is to reach 30,000 pages, that’s around 600 pages left to read, and most importantly take down substantially the two December challenges, “end of the year reading marathon” with 116 hours left, and 10,000-page December, with 7,530 pages left.

Quite the task, but I’m planning to close-out the year in style.

Off to read.


14 days

Yesterday was kind of a slow day for my reading, I had a total of 127 pages, this is because my schedule was a bit filled with some housework and a much needed dentist appointment.

Today, hopefully, I’ll get thru some errands early so I can get some serious reading done.

My numbers to star this weekend, and the final two weeks of the year, are 7,666 left to go on the 10,000-page December, and 119 hours and 10 minutes to finish the “end of the year reading marathon”.

Lots to do, but I’ll make the most of the weekend and chip away some significant progress in both challenges.

Off to read.


15 days

There’s only 15 days left on this very atypical 2021, quite the follow to the dreaded 2020. But it’s also an opportunity to close it out with some positive thing to move things along back to the desired direction.

For my reading, I have a gargantuan task ahead of me, which includes, 121 hours left on the “end of the year reading”, and 7,793 pages on the 10,000-pshe December.

But fear not, this two challenges will be met, and start off a whole new era for me.

With this in mind, I better get some coffee going.

Off to read.


Farewell to the Vampire Queen

Yesterday, at the age of 80 years ,one of the most important writers in my life passed away. I am off course talking about Anne Rice.

Famous for creating the classic Vampire Chronicles, does Vampire Lestat ring any bells, her work expanded to more than that, taking on witches, Ramses, and even the Messiah himself.

My favorite work will always be The Servant of the Bones, so much that my alias in almost all of things I develop is azr, which is short for Azriel, the main character of this amazing novel.

The mystique of the character enthralled me, not so easily read, is he a ghost, an angel, or a demon, underlayed with an incredible sadness that he carries for all those centuries, but what finally settled my fascination was his hard fought redemption, we can feel haunted for what would seem like millennia, but we can always free ourselves from whatever encases us, even from suffocating solid gold.

In honor of our Queen, I’ll read this amazing story, and hear her powerful words resonate in my head.

Godspeed, Anne, you will be greatly missed.

Much love.


Sunday’s reading

To close-out this week of reading, I find myself only 95 pages away of the weekly mandatory total, that’s 1,246 pages for each week.

On the broader scope, this finally chilly morning starts with just over 124 hours left on my “end of the year reading marathon”. My goal to finish this week is to be under 120 hours, and with at least 7,500 pages left to reach my other, a 10,000-page December, right now it sits at 7,883 pages.

For today, besides trying to chip away at the magnificent La estación de la calle Perdido, currently on page 609, I’ll try to get thru a couple of volumes that have been sitting in my TBR pile for a while, Ghost in Shell Volume and Berserk Desencadenado, the latter by one of my favorite comic book creators, Jeff Lemire.

And starting on December 17, I’ll dive into the first Star Wars readathon of the year, here’s a glimpse into what’s on queue for reading.

Off to read.


It’s the season to be merry

3 weeks until the end of 2021, and I’m going to make the best of them.

I still have a little under 132 hours left on my end of the year marathon, and 8,393 pages to reach that coveted 10,000 pages for the month of December.

Now I’ll activate the read whatever you can mode for the upcoming 3 weeks, this includes some new findings in today’s loot. Some Star Wars, some Conan the Barbarian, and my favorite chain smoking exorcist John Constantine.

Now, to take a good chunk of the incredible La estación de la Calle Perdido by China Mieville, which has been the find of the year for me, I knew his books were critically acclaimed, and with due justice, they’re richly complex worlds with a language and narrative that keeps you glued to the book.

In between the vast and intricate back alleys of New Crobuzon, I’ll squeeze in some of the masterful short stories by the greatly missed Ray Bradbury.

May my caffeine levels and light never diminish.

Off to read


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