Balancing act, part two

Yesterday was a good of reading, my total was 199 pages, and I finished Assassin Apprentice.

Also, I started the reading challenge of Paraiso Perdido, read the last number of Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern Blackstars, and the latest volume of Detective Comics written by Peter J. Tomasi.

I still have 5,154 pages to go on January, and 26,071 pages to go on this year of reading.

For today’s reading, I’ll continue will the first book of Paraiso Perdido challenge, Cuando las luces aparezcan, and the latest volume of Cosmic Ghost Rider, imagine Frank Castle as the host of the Spirit of Vengeance, pure gold.

For now, I am off to read.


The beginning of the season of reading challenges is upon us

Each year I try to participate in several readathons, and this will not be the exception.

So far I have planned to participate in at least four this year, 2 organized by different groups, and 2 self appointed.

This will be :

  1. Bookly Winter Readathon
  2. 24in48 February 2021
  3. May the force be with you readathon
  4. Seven days of reading Summer Edition

The first one will be Bookly Winter Readathon, organized by the Bookly app, the objetive is to read 10 hours from January 28 to January 31, tracking this on the app.

You can more information on Bookly’s blog

The second one is organized by the amazing team of, this is a great challenge, the goal is to read 24 total hours over a weekend, this time it will be the weekend of February 6 and 7.

You can sign up on their official website.

The last two, May the Force be with you readathon, and Seven Days of Reading summer edition, are self appointed.

So, from May 4, the official Star Wars, to May 25, the anniversary of Episode IV, I will read anything, and everything about one of my favorite universes.

I will focus on The Old Republic era, it’s not canon anymore but I have been meaning to read it.

The last one on this preliminary list is the readathon to close out my reading year, and to celebrate my birthday, and as the last one, it’s an intense week of daily challenges, it will take place from May 31 to June 6, my 40th birthday.

I will try a new thing this year, a monthly reading challenge, for this occasion I will take the challenge from my favorite Mexican independent publishing house , Paraiso Perdido.

Picture taken from their official Instagram account: @eparaisoperdido

As soon I finish with The Assassin Apprentice, I will start the first book, Cuando las luces aparezcan by Roberto Abad.

A pretty active year, and hopefully, more activities will surface

Just as a quick update, I still have 5,353 pages to go on January, and my plan for today is to finish Assassin Apprentice, currently on page 372, and read a couple of comic books.

For now, I am off to read.


Balancing act, part one

My weekend was a productive one, not gargantuan numbers, but fairly decent.

I’m at the cusp of finish Assassin Apprentice, currently on page 328, and still trying to find a printed copy of the second volume, in the mean time I have a backup plan to keep on reading.

The other thing I read this weekend was the second part of Tom King’s Batman: City of Bane, the threat is not always so clear, especially when the multiverse is involved, great read.

For today I plan to start the latest volume of Detective Comics, at least the most recent here in Mexico, written by the extraordinary Peter J. Tomasi.

Hopefully I’ll chip away some pages, for I still have 5,455 pages to go on January, and 26,372 pages to go for this year of reading.

For now, I am off to read.


Week plans, football and reading

Today starts the NFL playoffs, I have been following football for as long as I can remember, and watching the Superbowl for more than 30 years.

On my favorite things to do, it holds the fifth slot after reading, books, comics, and eating, right now I am watching my favorite team, Indianapolis Colts, face a really tough rival in the Buffalo Bills, let’s hope we survive this week.

In between snaps, I will be reading all that I can, I still have 5,672 pages to go on January.

To try to chip off some pages I’ll keep on reading Assassin Apprentice, currently on page 312, and I will start the new comic book series Star Wars- The High Republic, taking place in the golden age of the Republic, some 200 years before the events of Episode IV

For now, I am off to read


Slowly finding balance

It has been a couple of slow reading days, nothing to worry about, but I need to step it up.

My total for yesterday’s reading was 123 pages, still working on Assassin Apprentice, currently on page 242, and read a big chunk of Planet Hulk, the fight between Silver Savage and Green Scar is epic.

I still have 5,953 pages to read in January, and 26,870 pages for (Y-13), a gargantuan task but doable.

Fortunately in February the girls from 24in48 readathon are back, and as always it’s a great event to read my eyes off.

Check out their latest post to see how can you participate.

For now, I am off to read.


Balancing progress

The good news is that this year of reading I have yet to have one day without reading.

The not so great news is that I have not yet catch the rythm I need to get to my goal.

That’s why I have deployed my plan to get back on track, which originally was to read about 9,000 in January, pretty farfetched.

So came up with a three month rollout, and for the month of January it came to be a total of 6,505 pages, from which, I still have 6,076 to go.

I just have passed the halfway of Robin Hobb’s Assassin Apprentice, currently on page 214, and started re-reading one of my favorite comic story arc, Planet Hulk.

Let’s chip away at those pages.

For now, I am off to read.


Happy 129th birthday to Professor Tolkien

A long time ago, in Bloemfontein, South Africa, a remarkable writer was born that came and change the world of fantasy literature forever.

I place The Lord of the Rings in the top place of my favorite books, this is mostly because it was that one book that got me really into reading, but most importantly I read them during a really dark emotional period for me.

I don’t say this lightly, but it help me to keep afloat, and not to sick on a really dark chasm.

For that I am forever grateful.

So rise a glass in salute, and may the wonder of Middle-Earth never ends.



It was nearly a month since I updated my digital reading files, also known as the keepers of the numbers, they contain every single thing I have read, and/or planned to read.

Over the years I have narrowed it down to two files.

As my update progress I found the next challenge waiting at the end of a spreadsheet.

I had a notion of how far behind my reading schedule is, but over 9,000 pages, I need to fix this now.

I probably take this next three months to achieve this balance, let’s see how this progresses.

For now, I am off to read.


The beginning of a new year

Yesterday was a day to tidy up, and to start this new year the best way possible.

I wanted to start this year of my precious blog by saluting all who are kind enough to accompany me on this journey, and to share some of the numbers from 2020.

Although I say some a slight decrease of traffic from the previous year, it still was an amazing response to each and every post.

I almost hit the 2,000 mark, but this year I planned to post more often and with some new material lined up, I am sure it will be another great year of blogging.

But the most satisfying is to see that each year I reach new countries, and I am more than grateful to share these journey with such a diverse audience.

Concerning my numbers for this year of reading, I can officially say that year thirteen will not be my worst, for I have surpassed the numbers of year 4, which I had a total of 8,730 pages, and I am currently looking at a total of 8,804 pages, this, with 155 days left on my year of reading, which I have stated in passed post is going to be a bit shorter, for I am adjusting my finishing date to coincide with my birthday.

There are still 29,180 pages left on my goal of reading for this year, so with that in mind.

I am off to read.


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