Good signs for 2022

If my reading is represented by my total from yesterday, I’m going to have an excellent second half for year number fourteen of this project.

My total was 292 pages, and now there’s 299 pages more than the minimal weekly average, which is 1,246 pages, and the possibility to start week number 29 under 5,200 of surplus pages from passed weeks.

Today was kind of slow, but I’ll make it up in the remaining hours of the day.

Off to read.


Hit the ground running

The first day of this 2022 has proven to be a very productive one.

I still have one last reading session, from right now until my eyes give up, and my total sits at 292 pages. But most importantly the weekly quota has been filled, it sits at 1,490 of the 1,246 pages projected for each week.

To close out this week, number 28, and to start off the new year with a bang, I’ll try to chip off at least 500 pages from the surplus left from passed weeks, right now that number sits at 244 pages. Also, tomorrow, closes out the first Star Wars marathon of this year of reading.

Hopefully, I’ll complete the current book, Star Wars: Ășltima oportunidad, following the adventures of our favorite scoundrel, and the third volume of the New Republic-Epic Collection, focusing mainly Michael Stackpole’s Rogue Squadron comic books.

Off to read.


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