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It will appear than my change of strategy has paid off, in the last two days I went on Toll the Hounds from page 1043 to 1102, that’s 15 pages more than expected.

I know is not that much, but with the way I was reading it’s a great improvement, if I keep this pace up, I’ll be starting with Dust of Dreams by next Tuesday.

For today’s complementary reading I’ll go back to my favourite barbarian with tale Rogues in the House, originally published in Weird Tales of January 1934.

I’m feeling than my pace and energy has been renewed.

Off to read.


Change of strategy

In my pursuit to try and finish my current book, Toll the Hounds, I breached the most important thing that I promised myself when this project started, to have fun.

I was viewing this like a short race, when it’s in fact a Ironman marathon of reading, and if I’m not having fun, what’s the point.

So I’ll change how to finish on of my main goals of the year, to finish The Malazan Book of the Fallen, right now I’m on page 1043 of Toll the Hounds, and still have 2 more books to read, The Dust of Dreams, 816 pages long, and The Crippled God, 908 pages long and the final chapter of this epic saga.

With this numbers in mind, I will have to read about 22 pages per day in order to finish by the end of this year of reading, which is on June 6.

In between those pages, and hopefully getting really close to my total goal of 37,984 pages, I’ll read everything and anything at hand.

To continue with my goal of one short story per day, I’ll read the next fantastical story from the Wizards anthology, written by Elizabeth Hand, and on the neglected department of graphic novels, I’ll continue with the second volume of Cullen Bunn’s Uncanny X-men run.

Off to read.


Epic fail

I simply couldn’t meet the self imposed deadline of Toll the Hounds, right now I’m on page 922 of 1269, and about 8 hours of reading.

My main goal for this year is still to finish reading this epic series, and with 2 more books besides this one, it’s time to put some serious reading sessions in.

So, I will finish Toll the Hounds this weekend, no matter what, caffeine don’t fail me now.

Off to read.


375 pages, 1 day

It has finally come, the dreaded self imposed deadline of Toll the Hounds, despite all of my efforts I still have 375 pages to go, and about 15 hours to do so.

According to my Kindle, I still have 10 hours and 4 minutes left in the book.

It’s probably a fool’s errand, but I’ll give it a go.

Off to read.


438 pages, 2 days

I will attempt something that probably will be close to insanity.

Not that I haven’t read 438 pages in a couple of days, but in the case of The Malazan Book of the Fallen being such a rich and complex world, it has reduced my reading speed considerably.

With this said, I’ll take a crack a it, right now, lunch hour is approaching, what better way to enjoy it than with a side of epic fantasy.

Now to tackle chapter sixteen.

Off to read.


The fine print

With the self imposed deadline of Toll the Hounds fast approaching , it’s this Friday at 11:59 p.m., I will take it upon myself to do everything possible to complete this challenge.

As I read the fine print on the screen of my Kindle, this challenge will indeed be a taxing one.

In my mind I can only think that I have been working on this book for a couple of months, in which, I have read 768 pages, and still have about 15 hours left of reading.

To that I say.

Let’s do this, this means no short story challenge, or any other reading material.

Off to read.


Short story challenge, day 28

I’m back on the saddle again, and with a lot of help needed to reach my reading goal, this side challenges always give me a breath of fresh air.

For today’s story, I’ll go back to adventuring with the legendary barbarian in The Pool of the Black One, originally published in Weird Tales of October 1933.

Let’s get those pages, off to read then.


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