First readathon report

I am up and running on this the first day of Bookly’s Fall Readathon.

I have already logged 2 hours and 2 minutes of my goal of 10 hours.

In order to achieve this I should read 2 and a half hours per day, so this is a great motivator to push forward.

My focus was on two things, my current book , Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf, from which I read from page 88 to 176.

The other is the second volume of Werewolf by night, from which I read from page 108 to 167, and to my delight there’s an appearance by Frankenstein’s monster.

I am aiming today for more than 3 hours of reading and a bit over 300 pages.

For now, I am off to read.


T-minus (3 hours)

I am eager to start Bookly’s Fall Readathon, a 4 day reading frenzy with a simple premise, track 10 hours of reading using the app.

To be honest I will be aiming for 15 hours, and at least 1,000 pages.

I have some books ready in my virtual TBR.

I’ll kick off the festivities at exactly 12:01 a.m. with Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf, and take it from there.

For now, I am off to read.


Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf: A reading conundrum

I finished the amazing Halloween by legendary writer Ray Bradbury, and may I say that it was the perfect book for this time of year.

My next adventure is the third book of the Companions Codex, Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall face the biggest war ever to hit Faerûn.

My next step in my perpetual list presents me with a conundrum.

Do I finish my trek thru Genabackis?

This will take thru 4 more books, being the next volume Reaper’s Gale, pictured above.

Or do I head for the stars and journey to find lost civilizations in the Saga of the Seven Suns ?

This journey will take me thru 7 books, starting with Hidden Empire.

So many great books, so little time.

What should I do ?

For now, I am off to read.


Spooktober comes to an end

The spookiest month has come and went.

Let me recap how my plans work out.

On the movie front, I just watched 1 of the 19 movies that were on my list, and it’s probably time to scrap this part from next year’s festivities.

On the reading front, it went a bit better, but not that much, I finished Frankenstein, and read the about half of The Halloween Tree.

Also ,first volume of Marvel’s The Vampire Tales, about 1/5 of the second volume of Werewolf by Night, a couple of short stories from Avatar’s Night of the Living Dead, and the crown jewel of this year’s festivities, Hellboy: The Storm and The Fury.

Not a very productive run, but a really satisfying one.

Right now I am gearing up for my next task, Bookly’s Fall Readathon, which will take place from November 5 to 8, and the main goal is to read 10 hours using the app.

For more information check out Bookly’s blog.

For now, I am off to read.


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