(Y-12) The first 10,000 pages

I have finally reached the first 10,000 pages of this twelve year of my reading project.

My current total for registered pages is 10,181

It took me 90 days, and I am just gearing up for what comes next.

The other thing I set out to achieve yesterday, was to have a 500-page day.

I am glad to inform you that, CHALLENGE COMPLETED, this was thanks to my progress in The New Jedi Order book, Agents of Chaos I, and three amazing graphic novels.

The first two were from the current run of Batman: Detective, in which Bruce Wayne is haunted by a villain from his how creation, Karma, he can read minds and recks havoc on all of the Bat-Family, especially on the Signal, who is badly wounded, and on the other volume, Batman teams up with a known nemesis, Two-Face, who is struggling between his good and evil side, while they battle a new threat to Gotham, the Kobra.

The third graphic novel was the eight-volume of my favorite comic book series of all time, Hellboy, in Darkness Calls our favorite demon battles the witch Baba-Yaga, who is out for blood, or more specifically an eye of Hellboy.

While all of these events are unfolding, a much bigger threat is brewing underneath the surface, and it will change Hellboy’s destiny forever.

Thanks to these amazing reads, which I did between plays of the two playoffs games of the NFL, in which, the San Francisco 49ers won easily over Minnesota Vikings, and the Tennessee Titans stunted the Baltimore Ravens, I could close the gap on my reading schedule, now I am only 4 days behind, and the calculated date for achieving 500,000 pages, came down from March 24, 2028, to February¬† 25, 2028, that’s a month of gained time.

For today, I have planned pretty much the same, read my ass off, while I watch the Green Bay Packers take on Seattle Seahawks, and the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Houston Texans, this will determine next week’s Conference Championship games, and eventually the Superbowl.

So today I will be doing two of my favorites things, watch football, and read.

I am off to read.



(Y-12) Aiming for the first 10,000 pages

I am getting really close to the first 10,000 pages of these twelve year of reading.

Currently, I have a total of 9,280 pages, and my plan is to reach the coveted 10,000 by this weekend, which is perfect because I’ll combine some reading with the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Also, I’ll close the extension of my Star Wars month-long marathon, which started on December, this with some graphic novels, and two novels from The New Jedi Order series.

After closing this amazing marathon of one of my favorite universes, I’ll officially start my new reading mode.

Read whatever the fuck pops into my head.

No one genre or series.

A panoply of choices.

I wonder what I’ll read next.

For now, I am off to read.


(Y-12) A complicated week…to say the least

It has been a brutal and emotional start of the year.

This past Saturday my mother passed away, she was 65 years old, and I am grateful to have shared 38 of those wonderful years with her.

She was a special person, calmed and collected, but also full of love and with an enormous willingness to help out anyone in need.

I already missed her, and I know that these past two years were really hard for her, but I am grateful that her fight with her illness was short-lived and that she didn’t suffer.

I’ll carry her in my heart forever.

I will keep my updates of this past few weeks for another post, for now, I’ll reminisce of the good times spent with her, and wish her a safe journey to finally meet my dad, to spend the rest of eternity walking hand in hand thru their beloved purple desert.


(Y-12) Can’t sleep…again

My insomnia has become present again, and in order to try to make the best, I have been trying to finish registering my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge books along side making some infographic information with Bookly.

Above you can see the yearly report, which constitutes for about half of 2019.

Now I’ll read for a while, and try to catch those elusive zzz’s.


(Y-12) Happy New Year

Happy New Year, from us in Lost in a Million Pages, and we sincerely hope that this upcoming year will kick ass in all your endeavors.

I had an amazing 2019, as always it was full of ups and downs, but in general terms, it was a pretty amazing, and full of growth.

In the case of this blog, I saw an amazing increase in my followers and visits to the site.


As you can see, we had 2,380 hits this year, which is a 124% growth from the previous year, and for 2020 I have amazing new plans, and hopefully, you will enjoy the crazy new ideas that I have in store.

One of the greatest surprises for me was the new countries from which they visit my blog, places like Indonesia or India, never in my wildest dreams would we have imagined this, and we are more than thrilled.

Now let us talk about some of my numbers.

The month of December was dedicated solely to celebrating the last movie of the Skywalker Saga, The Rise of Skywalker, with that in mind, I just read some stories of the original Expanded Universe of Star Wars, and some new stories that made up the new canon of this beloved universe.

I must say that it was a really productive month, I registered 4,341 pages, this over 2 books, 17 graphic novels, and 8 comics.

And with that my total for this, the twelve years of reading, to 8,292 pages.

My immediate plans are to finish two books from the series The New Jedi Order; Agents of Chaos, and the graphic novel Epic Collection: The Rise of the Sith.

With this, I’ll be alternating between some epic sagas like The Malazan Book of the Fallen and The Legend of Drizzt, with some of the stories of the Star Wars Expanded universe, mixed in with some Cormac Mccarthy, Alan Moore, and Brian Catling.

In lamest terms, I do not have a specific genre I will be focusing on this upcoming year.

My focus is on closing the gap between my reading schedule for (Y-12), from which I am behind 9 days, and achieving the first 500,000 pages goal, that has a deadline for March 20, 2023, and with my current calculations, I have a tentative achieving date of March 23, 2028, need to reduce those five years.

 With a whole new year ahead of me and lots of plans buzzing around in my head, I foresee an amazing year full of new achievements, and new challenges to tackle.

For now, I am off to read.


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