(Y-12) Lights out, Reading on

Once again there has been a massive blackout.

In this long lightness nights there is only one thing to do, read.

Fortunately my tablet still has some little juice left.

So I think I’ll read some more of the adventures of combat magician William Gravel.

Hopefully the lights will be back shortly, but there is no rush.

Off to read.


(Y-12) Feeling the love

I would like to thank everyone that follows my blog, and specially to all those who interact with my posts.

Because of this I have a new achievement total, the day with most likes.

I am off to read.


(Y-12) Major Goodreads update

I opened my Goodreads page, and it has become an inhospitable wasteland.

So, I am going to take this day to put it up to date.

I am really curious how close am I to reaching my reading challenge set in January of 100 books.

I’ll find out really soon.


(Y-12) Little goals

Right now I’ll be focusing on small goals, like finishing the first of Gravel, the combat magician created by Warren Ellis and Mark Wolfer, series.

I am reading issue number 14 and I have number 15 on deck, the total series is 21 numbers, so my immediate goal is to finish it before the weekend ends.

Little steps, to reach my gargantuan challenge.

I am off to read.


(Y-12) let’s keep the fantasy rolling.

Although my original plan for this year was reading some books that were honored with prestigious awards, such as The Pulitzer or Nobel, I inherited lots of books from last year’s epic galore, 22 to be precise.

So, I’ll first go thru last year’s books, and then I’ll focus on the new list.

With that in mind, I will keep on reading all fantasy, this includes any graphic novel or comic book, to start off I will read three volumes of a series I have being eyeing for a while, Artesia.

And to my luck, they are available in my Kindle Unlimited account.

I have already started with the first volume, and it is awesome.

Now I am off to read.


(Y-12) first pages of the year

Year number twelve is now officially underway, and the first pages are now registered in the books.

To kick off this year, my first entry is Dragonero volume 16, the amazing Italian fantasy series by Luca Enoch.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many pages for this year.

Off to read.


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