(Y-11) Old School Monday…Batman (1940-2011) # 1

Hello, and welcome to another old school Monday.

First of all, sorry for last week, I had some technical problems, but I am back and hopefully it will not happen again.

So, for this week, I go back to one of my all-time favorite characters, the Dark Knight himself, and the first issue of his own book.

It covers, in a really brief moment, Batman’s origin, you know, the whole crime alley thing, and the death parents.

This issue also features the first appearances of two of the most iconic counterparts of Batman, The Joker and Catwoman,back then she was only known as The Cat.

With this we finally get to see some supervillains in action.

For me, this book marks the beginning of one of the most amazing characters ever created, and after 80 years of adventures, it is refreshing to see where it all started.

As a bonus, we also get to see one of the recurrent villains that is still present till this day, Hugo Strange.

As I said, this book is full action from page one.

Now, I’ll get back to it, if you have any suggestions of what I should read for old school Monday, just leave a comment, but remember, they must be pre-1981.

Off to read, and to feel anxious about my total page count.


(Y-11) 37 days…scheming, as always

I have been disconnected from my writing, and even more so from my reading.

As you can see I have little over a month to read about 10,000 pages, is in order to reach my ultimate goal for the year.

With that in mind, I’ll return to use Bookly, it has always been a booster and a great motivator.

So, today, I’ll continue with a reading streak that I hope it will extend at least for 1,000 days.

And while, I’m at it, read those pages.

Off to read.


(Y-11) 100th season of the NFL

Today kicks off the 100th season of the NFL.

As I remember how long it has been part of my life, I realized that it is been year 32 , almost 1/3 of it’s existence.

As I sit here wondering how my team, the Indianapolis Colts, will fair this season, I will enjoy the classic rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.

It is Mr. Rodgers magic versus the defensive might of Khalil Mack.

What and amazing season we have ahead of us.

Off to see football, then to read.


(Y-11) 41 days…an update

This weekend was kind of a slow one.

Took some time to regroup from the crazy week I had.

My reading was decent, in progress, but really rich in content.

So, here are my numbers.

Total pages read in (Y-11): 42,588

Pages to go to reach this year’s goal (53,000): 10,412

Pages to go to surpass my best year of reading (47,705): 5,118

On what concerns my reading schedule, I am 33 days behind and gained some ground on the end date of reaching 500,000.

It came down to July 19,2028 from July 24,2028.

As I said before, any ground gaining is a source of joy.

The plan is to at least move this date to 2024, and those last 7 years until my 50th birthday, I will have to read my ass off.

My immediate goal is to reach 43,500 pages, which is the original total I calculated way back in the day that I started this crazy project, basically, I need that number in order to reach my coveted goal.

Now, it is way more than that.

And with that in mind, I am off to read.



Due to some technical problems with comixology account, there will be no old school monday.




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