(Y-11) reading provisions

Since I’m starting my summer reading season, and the fact that I have a massive sweet tooth, my last trip to fill my snack cabinet came out looking something like this.

Two new flavors of M&M’s and one limited edition Oreos, S’mores, delicious by the way.

I tried the hazelnut spread M&M’s, they are good, and I’ll safe the crunchy mint for tomorrow’s reading session, enough sweets for one day.

back to reading.


(Y-11) New Books & a quick lap.

Yesterday, I did a quick scan of the book fair.

Just bought a couple of books, but I do plan to go back and get maybe a couple of things.

One of the most important graphic novels of all time, by the legendary creator Will Eisner.

Another edition of Frankenstein to add to my collection.

Now back to reading, and making plans for the upcoming summer reading season, one of the most important for the future of this project.


(Y-11) some new goodies

I am about to head out to the book fair, which started yesterday, and it is the largest literary event of the city.

Let’s see what new goodies I find.

And for this special occasion I’ll used my new bookworm socks.

Happy Socks indeed.


(Y-11) anticipated birthday present

Today I received an really early birthday gift.

I have been meaning to buy the new book by Mr. Martin since it came out.

It must be really intriguing to go into the mythical history of the Targaryens.

I will probably read it over the summer break.

It’s back to Westeros for me.


(Y-11) new comic books

After the hectic week I had, going to pick-up some new comic books is just what the doctor ordered.

I bought the second volume of Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, this is a remastered edition translated to Spanish, and according to the description by the editor it will be somewhere around 70 volumes, coming out every two weeks.

Also, I bought three single issues of the series I am currently reading, Justice League Dark, The Batman Who Laughs and Heroes in Crisis.

It is reading time.


(Y-11) While I wait

Now that is huge weight has been lifted-off my shoulders, now I can hold back yo my regularly scheduled reading.

For now, while I wait, Dr. Strange seems like the perfect company.


(Y-11) and now back to reading.

I just turn in my final paper for this semester of my Masters degree.

And I am coming back with a vengeance with my reading.

The plan is to surpass the total for last year, which is around 33,000 pages, by the end of my the summer vacation, which ends around late July.

Right now I am over 25,000 pages, so there is 7,000 pages standing in my way.

I am up for the challenge.

Also, on Friday, the largest book fair in the city will start, and it will run for around 10 days, the perfect opportunity to look for new reading material.

I’ll post pictures and progress with my reading.

Right now, I need to sleep.


(Y-11) Continuing with the Bat-Family

Just finished the first volume of Batgirl, written by Hope Larson, I think this is the first time I read a solo story of Batgirl, which is unfortunate.

I’ll try to find more stories to read.

Now, I’ll continue my bat filled weekend with story of Bruce Wayne Murderer ?

Mainly a compilation, about 600 pages long, of early 2000s series of the bat-family, with the participation of writers such as Greg Rucka, Chuck Dixon and Ed Brubaker.

Let’s see how far I can get until I devote the rest of my evening to watching the final episode of Game of Thrones.


(Y-11) Bat-Family

I have finished with the last Darth Vader volume available in my Kindle Unlimited account, so now I’ll jump back to read some graphic novels expanding thru-out the various series of the Batman Family.

I’ll start with Batgirl and take it from there.

Once I’m done with the Bat-Family , I am going to explore some X-men graphic novels.

But for now it is off to Gotham for me.


(Y-11) Jedi Librarian

Right now, I am reading the second volume of Charles Soule’s run on Star Wars :Darth Vader-Dark Lord of the Sith.

One thing I particularly enjoy is to see again the Jedi Temple in Coruscant, under explored in my opinion.

And also, the return of the Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu, protector of the greatest Jedi secrets and pretty handy with a Lightsaber.

Somehow she survived order 66 and is now trying to rebuild a school for Jedi.

I have really enjoyed this series, some of the best stories of the new Star Wars era in comic books.

Now to read and try to achieve my next goal.


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