(Y-11) Slow day

Yesterday was another steady one for my reading, as the day before that my total was 41 pages.

Now, I have about one week to finish Deadhouse Gates, currently on page 441 and get ready for the 24in48 readathon.

I’ll try to finish off the night by reading for a bit and probably tomorrow I’ll post some of the books and graphic novels I plan to read for the readathon.

For now, my focus remains on closing out with my book and get ready to go back to the Forgotten Realms.

Back to it then.


(Y-11) can’t sleep, can’t read.

I am trying to take it slowly, ease into my reading rhythm from December, but I think it has gone too far and I am losing precious ground.

My total for yesterday was 41, better than the 14 from the day before that.

This mainly because a bit of my insomnia has been rattling around.

It basically turns my head into mulch.

Hence can’t fall asleep but I am not fully functional.

I have to get energy from my project and get back on track.

Fortunately, there are really cool things coming.

New winds.

New sections for the blog.

And a new life to old sections.

So, in the spirit of catching my rhythm again, I will close out the day reading some Batwoman, mesmerizing work.

And to put the cherry on top of all of this, I’ll read my quota of Deadhouse Gate.

Off to reading.


(Y-11) Old habits

Yesterday was back to old forms, that is reading a ridiculously small amount of pages.

My total was 14 pages, all of which from Deadhouse Gates, currently on page 421, and that only can mean that I have fallen behind of my book reading and my total pages.

With this, I have fallen 18 days behind my reading schedule and a small amount with my book.

But I do have one silver lining, with me finishing the first volume of Batwoman the 11,000-page mark has been surpassed.

I’ll grab this little momentum to get back on form, 146 pages a day and a little over 10 days to the 24in48 readathon.

Back to reading.


(Y-11) Some light

Yesterday was a good day of reading, not above my minimum for each day, but over 100 pages.

106 to be precise.

I finished reading Batwoman: Hydrology, what a fantastic book, beautifully executed.

I am going to start working on the second volume, and my expectation is really high.

I keep on working on the Deadhouse Gates, which by the way I accompanied with a really nice glass of wine, a present that came all the way from Italy.


I’ll try to make some headway tonight and push to catch my rhythm again.

Now back to reading.


(Y-11) picking up the pace.

I have reached my page quota for the day, on my book of course, and right now I’m working on the first volume of Batwoman, what a beautiful piece of work, and it also incorporated some Latin American legend, in this case, La Llorona.

I won’t spoil anything, you must definitely read it.

But going back to Deadhouse Gates, I am currently on page 407, past the halfway point, and it is getting more complex and exciting.

I think I’ll read another chapter of both Deadhouse Gates and Batwoman and then hit the hay because tomorrow it is the beginning of classes on my Master’s degree program.

Back to it then.


(Y-11) Between pages and football

As I said on my previous posts, the main focus for these days is to finish Deadhouse Gates.

So, that means reading 26 pages per day.

The idea is to read that number of pages, and then throw in some graphic novels in between.

Today this has been shared with some NFL playoffs action, from which I am sad to say, my team, the Indianapolis Colts, were eliminated by the Kansas City Chiefs, so now I’ll just enjoy the rest of the games.

Right now I have read 11 of the 26 pages, I’ll pick up the rest between plays.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-11) The Malazan situation.

I made the decision to focus on finishing Deadhouse Gates before the 24in28 readathon, which on the weekend of January 26, so I can start my reading session with a fresh book.

In this case that will be Gauntlgrym, the first book of the Neverwinter Saga, following the exploits of one of my favorite characters, Drizzt Do’Urden.

So I have about 15 days to finish, and my reading outlook looks like this.

I’ll probably squeeze some graphic novels between reading sessions, but the main focus is to finish with this amazing book and get ready for the readathon.

Now back to it.


(Y-11) The end.

Just a quick update.

Yesterday marks the end of the 40-day streak or reading 146 or more pages a day.

My total was 61 pages.

I finished the fourth volume of Bloodshot and started reading the first volume of J.H. Williams III Batwoman, Hydrology, beautiful book.

I’ll try to pick it up again, but it was almost impossible to read at all yesterday.

Hopefully, this weekend will get right back on track.

Back to it.


(Y-11) A Quick one

Just a quick update of my reading.

The streak is still alive, my total for yesterday was 164 pages, and now, I have read 146 or more pages for 40 straight days.

I didn’t finish anything new, but I had some headway on two things.

First up the fourth volume Bloodshot, where the action continues now pushed forward by the talent of Christos Gage.

On my trek thru the Malazan empire, I reached page 332, I have plans to ride out the night reading it.

And I’ll better get back to reading.

Tick, Tock the clock goes.


Keep on reading.

I did not quite get to where my reading was supposed to get.

Right now I am on page 328, and I have 4 days to finish it.

That is 371 pages, roughly 93 pages per day.

Ease peese.

I should get back to reading.


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